Brenner, Exquisite Corpse, (Installation View 1)

Exquisite Corpse (Installation View 1), 1993; mixed media installation: 24“x20” type C color photographs, steel boxes, tar paper, paint marker; dimensions variable

Exquisite Corpse deals poetically with social norms that disempower women. On one side of the gallery three stacks of metal boxes, each containing a sequence of four-color photographs, are arranged in coffin-like footed columns. The photographic images in the central column create a composite image of a woman clothed in white and lying on her back in water. In the other two columns the head of the figure repeats, moving and leaving ghostly traces in the water. Clothing billows out, inflating like wings or a useless life raft. Bits of stories float in and out of the pictures. On the opposite wall are texts, which provide a counterpoint to the hypnotically romantic images. Four scrolls fill the mirrored negative space of the columns. The exact mirror of the columns is blank (silent). Moving from left to right, the text from the first scroll is excerpted from Hélène Cixous, the second from Shakespeare’s Ophelia, the third I wrote, and the fourth is excerpted from Luce Irigaray.
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