Tending the Corporeal Garden

Tending the Corporeal Garden tells a tale of romance seen through peripheral vision. Images, text, and sound intermingle to play with the vagaries of meaning. The combination, approach, and physicality of the installation’s elements are intended to elaborate a kind of “syntax of the body” in an arrangement that activates the senses while evoking the audience’s intellect and emotions.

The installation consists of drawings of various sizes placed at varying heights on the walls between small, lightly dyed pieces of felt arranged in layers and on which are embroidered individual words from a text written specifically for this work. The drawings, all based on European statuary, depict fragmentary views of the idealized body and sculptural accessories. Some images appear exactly as they would be seen in their original form; others offer reoriented or recombined views — all refer to what is outside the frame, representing just a suggestion of the entire form. With sensuous, imagistic language the poem repeats, loops, and rearranges words, creating a sense of disorientation. The embroidered text is echoed by a taped, electronically layered sound version of the poem.

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