Brenner, Freeing the Insane Installation (View 1)

Freeing the Insane (Installation View 1), 1991; mixed media installation: oil on canvas with black & white photographs in wood frames attached; xerox-transfer text on fabric; dimensions variable (approx. 144” x 144” x 120”)

In Freeing the Insane time/history is layered in space. Moving from back to front, the first layer is a 9’ x 12’ painting after Tony Robert-Fleury’s nineteenth century work, Pinel Freeing the Insane. On the surface of the painting are mounted small black and white photographs. These are a combination of re-photographed, manipulated versions of pictures of nineteenth century hysterics and contemporary fashion images. At staggered distances, in front of the painting and photographs hang two large scrolls. One scroll reproduces an excerpt from Freud’s famous Fragment of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria. The other presents an encapsulated commentary on the history of hysteria.
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